Sigma Water

The Sigma Group of Companies is owned and managed by a team of professionals with extensive local and international experience in water and wastewater treatment. Sigma Water Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd, based in Selangor, Malaysia, serves as the MEA (Middle East and Asia) regional headquarters for its parent company, Sigma Water Canada Inc. of Canada.

Sigma takes pride in its people who, with decades of combined experience globally, are the core strength of the company. Understanding the needs of the client as well as taking the time to educate the end user, Sigma works in tandem to identify the various options available for treatment; provide preliminary designs and sizing; assist in acquiring regulatory approvals followed by installation; commissioning and providing ongoing operational support.

Throughout the project, Sigma operates on a Single Point of Contact philosophy, whereby clients and consultants need to deal with only one professional project manager. All systems designed by Sigma are built to occupy a minimum footprint with the least power and operating costs.

For durable, cost effective and high quality water management systems, look no further than Sigma, your preferred partner in water and waste treatment solutions.

  • About us

    Management of water resources is one of the world’s growing concerns for communities and industries alike. The availability of water is taken for granted by individuals and industries alike, and the need to preserve and conserve will be extremely essential to provide a sustainable development. As one of the world’s most precious resources, treatment of water requires the most up to date technology and approaches that balance economic feasibility with environmental consciousness to manage it.Possessing more than a decade of experience in the field of water treatment and management, Sigma is your one-stop solutions partner for all your water and wastewater treatment requirements.

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