Country Selangor, Malaysia
Industry Coffee
Capacity Upgrading of 1200 m3/day Effluent Treatment System From Existing 400 m3/day Plant
Scope of Work •Detailed Engineering Design, Procurement and Installation of Wastewater Treatment Plant
• Chemical Treatment System (Reaction Tanks and DAF)
• Biological Treatment (Roughing Filter Solid Contact tanks and Biological Clarifier
• Effluent Polishing (MMF and ACF system)
• Sludge Treatment (Holding Tanks and Centrifuge Decanter)
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View of RF Tower & Aeration Tank

Country Johor, Malaysia
Industry Coffee
Capacity 1200 m3/day Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) Effluent Treatment System
Scope of Work • High Strength effluent (COD > 25,000 ppm) • Homogenization of High Strength & Low Strength effluents
• Chemical Treatment System (Reaction Tank and DAF)
• Biological Treatment System (Roughing Filter Media)
• MBR Aeration tank with blowers and aeration piping
• Biomass Separation using Membrane Filtration
• Sludge Treatment System (Holding tank, Automated Polymer Preparation Unit and Centrifuge Decanter)
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Rectangular DAF Clarifier for Chemical Sludge Separation